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License model

Mausoleum runs as a server-client application. In order to run the full version of Mausoleum you need a server license and licenses for the clients. The client licenses are concurrent client licenses. Neither the number of installations nor the number of users is limited. Only the number of clients running at the same time is controlled by the number of client licenses.

It is always possible to increase the number of client licenses.

License costs

Mausoleum costs 1000 for the server license and 800 for each client license (amounts shown without tax). These are single payments. No additional license or service fee is needed. The costs also cover the regular updates of the program.

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How to purchase

You can order Mausoleum by sending an email to For the generation of the license key the following information is required:

After this information is transmitted the license key is generated and the complete installation package is sent to you usually via email.