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Mausoleum is used already in many labs. Some of them can be found here:

center of advanced european studies and research (caesar), Bonn, Germany

Center for Biomedical Research of La Rioja (CIBIR), Logroño, Spain

Department of Genetics, University of Colgne, Germany

Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Antwerp Belgium

Department for Molecular Biomedical Research, Universiteit Gent, Belgium

Instut für Genetik, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany

Institute for research in biomedicine, Barcelona, Spain

Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA

Norsk Transgen Senter, Oslo, Norway

Stanford University, California, USA

Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo, Norway


Some quotes from Mausoleum users

"Mausoleum helps us in both planning and handling our colony. It gives an superb overview and at the same time it is possible to get a detailed information about current status and history of all objects in the database. The interface is the most intuitive I have experienced."

Mikael Vestberg, Director Norsk Transgen Senter at University of Oslo


"We’ve been using Mausoleum for almost a year now and we still discover new useful features of the programme. It is a simple and userfriendly program to work with. Data is easy to retrieve; experiments and results can be added quickly and convenient and searching mice is a piece of cake. The program gives a good overview of mice through different views like cage or rack view. We are also very satisfied with the user support; questions or comments are always taken into account."

Sofie Goethals, Scientist, VIB - Departement Moleculaire Genetica, Universiteit Antwerpen

"We find Mausoleum user friendly and visually engaging"

Angel R. Nebreda, ICREA Research Professor and Ivan del Barco, Research Associate, Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Barcelona

"If you ever wanted to find an efficient, computerized way to manage and help your people to manage the mouse colonies in your lab we recently found a great database solution! The people in my lab love it and finally everybody can see and track all mice in a unified database platform. It's really great!"

Michael Rendl, Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

"Mausoleum has become an irreplacable tool for us. The visual representation of the mouse colony in the Rack view is outstanding. And if a user misses a useful feature, it is usually implemented within very short time. Ideal customer support!"

Martin Höhne, Postdoc, Nephrolab, University Hospital Cologne


"I got familiar with Mausoleum when it was still at the 'embryonic' stages and I immediately realized the necessity of adopt it as the program I want to use for my work. It is very different than any other program available for that purpose and most importantly, his creator, Dr. Stöffler, is always available for incorporate improvements and suggestions. So this program it only becomes better and better with aging. Here are some words which come to my mind when I think about Mausoleum: reliable, less visits to the Mouse House, control of all crosses from your desk, check mouse house current status from home, control mouse work of other colleagues from my desk, plan and prioritize experiments in a more efficient way. It has my highest recommendation and I suggest every mouser should try it".

Foteini Mourkioti, PhD Stanford University School of Medicine

"Mausoleum is an outstanding program for the administration of mouse strains and transgenic mouse lines. It is very user-friendly and customer support is excellent."

Dr. Dagmar Wachten, Scientist, center of advanced european studies and research (caesar), Bonn, Germany