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Mausoleum Tables

All the objects in mausoleum can be viewed in table form. The columns of the tables can be easily abjusted to your needs. Sorting and filtering of the content as well as optional coloring by the content type like sex, age or transgenic line of the mice gives you relevant information at a glance.

Mouse table

Rack view

Mausoleum shows the content of a rack in a graphical representation which makes it easy to find mice and cages in your mouse room. Mice and cages can be positioned by simple drag and drop procedures. There are numeous coloring modes for the cages. A few examples are shown here. You can color the cages by the defined color of the mouse line

Rack view with cages colored by line colors

You can also color the cages by color representing the number of mice within the cage.

Rack view with cages colored by number of mice

It is also possible to use the cage color to indicate the owner of the mice within the cage

Rack view with cages colored by owner

Searching the database

Mausoleum allows complex searches in the database using many different attributes which can be easily defined.

Mausoleum search


Tasks in Mausoleum give you the opportunity to schedule jobs to be done. This can be used either as a reminder if you plan a certain procedure to be performed on a later date or you can plan your daily work in the mouse room right at your desktop. It also enables you to issue a task to be carried out by someone else. The specified tasks can be shown in a list grouped by their status. This makes it easy to follow up whether and if so when and by whom this task was performed or whether it is already in progress.

Tasks in Mausoleum

But tasks can also be viewed in a schedule. So you can easily see the work to be done in the next days. Also it is possible by simple drag and drop to reschedule the individual tasks.

Task schedule

Genealogy display

Information about ancestors and progenies can be retrieved in a pedigree like manner. The associated mouse table shows all the mice visible in the pedigree allowing retrieval of any data of interest.

Mausoleum pedigree chart

Factsheets for individual objects

For all the objects detailed fact sheets can be produced. The attributes of the object are shown in window which lets you browse your data in web like manner. For mice also informations like the litters, breeding performance or plugdates as well as all the cage visits with the dates and all the cage mates are shown.

Mausoleum factsheets

Group report

You can also produce at any time a report for the whole group which contains a detailed listing of all mice and cages grouped by different criteria such as transgenic line, license, owner or rack. In addition it gives you diagrams for the age structure of your colony and the cage occupancy in your colony.

Group report

Report of the service unit

Mausoleum provides support for use in environments with shared resources. In this case a special service group is used for the administration of the shared rooms and racks within the service unit. The head of the service group controls the access of the regular Mausoleum groups to these ressources.

The head of service user can produce a report for the whole service unit. The focus of this report is a bit different compared to the reports for individual groups. In this reports the number of cages within the whole unit, each room of the service unit and the racks therein is shown for each group and in total as well as the unused  space  for  each  element.

Service unit report

User privileges

Mausoleum has a detailed role concept. Users are categorized as group leaders, scientists, caretakers, guests etc. In addition it is possible to specifically adjust the privileges of any user for all the relevant operations.

User roles and privileges