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Full version

Here you can download the latest version (6.9.7) of the program files if you are already using Mausoleum in a registered installation. You should always download both the server and the client software and copy it to your server computer.

You don't need to copy anything to the client computers. Once installed Mausoleum will always retrieve the Client software from the server computer if there is a more recent version available. Please inform your colleagues that they have to start Mausoleum via the Mausoleum.jar AND NOT via the Client.jar. Otherwise the automated distribution of the latest version won't work.

To upgrade your Mausoleum installation perform these steps:

  1. Shutdown the server. Always shutdown the server via the Mausoleum Administrator client. Never just kill the server process.
  2. Download both the Server and Client Software and store it on your server computer in the directories mentioned below.
  3. Restart the server process.

Download Mausoleum Server Software

Please start the download by clicking the and store the Server.jar file in your Mausoleum-dircetory. Before storing the new files shut down server via the Mausoleum Administration client. You MUST NOT just kill the Mausoleum task

Download Mausoleum Client Software

Please start the download by clicking the and store the Client.jar file in the HTML-directory within your Mausoleum-directory

Ensure that the files have correct filename extension. Latest versions of Internet Explorer rename it to "" and "". If this happens please rename it to "Server.jar" and "Client.jar" respectively.